NewRay Air Tractor Agricultural Aircraft AT-502 Airplane Model

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Buy Air Tractor Agricultural Aircraft AT-502 New-Ray Airplane Model. Sky Pilot Range. Size: 9.5"x3"x10.5". Plastic Body. Stand Included. Buy Online on

About Air Tractor AT-502 Agricultural Airplane Model

The Air Tractor AT-500 is a family of agricultural aircraft that first flew in the United States on 25 April 1986, manufactured by Air Tractor Inc. Of monoplane low-wing, taildragger configuration, they carry a chemical hopper between the engine firewall and the cockpit. Compared with their predecessor, the AT-500 family mostly feature a wingspan increased to 50 ft (15.2 m), and an additional fuselage stretch of 22 in (56 cm), allowing for a larger chemical hopper. Almost all variants have a second seat for a passenger or observer.