HPI Racing Baja 5SC

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Short Course racing is off-road truck racing in an enclosed dirt arena. Filled with jumps, straight sections and tight corners, short course racetracks are just like the RC version of off-road tracks, just imagine them filled with 20 full-size trucks, each with 700hp, scrambling for track position and bashing each other in the turns! You can bump and batter each other but keep the truck on its wheels, thanks to the fully enclosed wheels and tyres.

Baja Short Course Parts
The Baja 5SC is fitted with a wealth of awesome Short Course parts that make it ideal for tackling off-road tracks shoulder-to-shoulder with hordes of other racers. Check 'em out!
Realistic Short Course Body
The wide Short Course body is the first thing you'll notice about the Baja 5SC: it's more realistic than the Baja 5T body and it fits completely over the new wheels and tyres to let you take corners deep, run the competition wide coming out of the corner and really bang together with other trucks! The Baja 5SC comes pre-painted in your choice of black or bright red, each with color coordinated assets/images.
Heavy Duty Front Wheel Hubs
To keep in sync with the new Super Heavy Duty drivetrain, the Baja 5SC also comes with new Heavy Duty front wheel hubs. These new axles utilize a screw and nut design that eliminates the older e-clip design, which further improves the reliability of the truck.
HB Rodeoo Short Course tyres and New TR-10 Wheels
For high traction on a variety of dirt surfaces, HB Rodeoo tyres are standard equipment on the Baja 5SC. The asymmetric tread pattern mirrors the design of full-size off-road racing tyres. The sticky rubber compound, block treads and wide grooves give the right mix of sliding and gripping. Concentric rings on the sidewalls give extra grip if things get really hairy! Bold new 10 spoke wheels (TR-10) using heavy duty beadlock rings add to the realistic Short Course looks of the Baja 5SC.
Features of HPI Racing Baja 5SC
Front & Rear Short Course Bumpers
The final touch in completing the scale look of the Baja 5SC is a new set of bumpers that allow you to give your fellow racers a 'love tap' without risking a major incident. The bar-style front and rear bumpers look great and, along with the mud flaps, add that extra bit of Short Course realism!
Adjustable One-Piece Rear Hubs
New rear hubs have been added for increased durability and easier adjustment of the toe-in setting. The new hubs are lighter weight and allow toe-in adjustments of 0, 1, 2, 3, and 4 degrees to help match the truck performance to track conditions.

Features of HPI Racing Baja 5SC

  • Revised 26cc engine for 2013.
  • Viscous torque diff
  • All metal gear transmission
  • 8,000 RPM Clutch
  • Long travel suspension
  • Heavy duty schock absorbers
  • Dual vented disc brake
  • Large 700cc fuel tank
  • SFL-11MG servo
  • Sealed radio box
  • Dirt guards
  • RTR Baja 5SC with 2.4GHz radio

Specifications of HPI Racing Baja 5SC

  • Length: 900mm
  • Width F/R: FRONT 440mm / REAR 460mm
  • Height: 320mm
  • Track F/R: FRONT 370mm / REAR 380mm
  • Wheelbase: 570mm
  • Weight: 12.6kg / 27.9lb (without fuel)
  • WHAT YOU NEED : Pump Petrol, 2 Stroke Engine Oil, 5 Litre Fuel Can
  • INCLUDES: 6 AA Batteries for Transmitter, 6.0V 3000mAh Receiver Pack and multi region charger