NewRay Indian Sport Scout 1:12 Diecast Motorcycle Model

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Buy Indian Sport Scout New-Ray 1:12 Diecast Motorcycle on New-Ray 42113. Classical Indian Motorcycles. 5-6 inches in length.

Features of Indian Sport Scout New-Ray

  • Highly detailed bike models of the greatest superbikes around
  • Feature authentic cables and hoses
  • Operating spring suspensions
  • Moveable kick stands and free rolling wheels
  • Had a side stand

About Indian Sport Scout

The negative reaction to the Standard Scout and the failure of the Motoplane led to the creation of the Sport Scout of 1934, with a light frame, girder forks, improved carburation and alloy cylinder heads. The two-piece frame, with the front and rear halves bolted to each other to the top and to the engine at the bottom, was heavier than the Motoplane's Prince-derived frame, but also stronger and stiffer. The Sport Scout was still 15 pounds heavier than the 101 Scout. The Sport Scout won the first Daytona 200 in 1937.

In 1940 the Sport Scout gained full-skirt fenders, a lower seat height and increased fork rake, and in 1941 Indian added plunger-style rear suspension.