Mamoli HMS Bounty Wooden Ship Model Kit 1:100 Scale

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1:50 Scale. L. 780 mm. H. 578 mm. Mamoli Wooden Ship Model Kit. DIY with Instructions. Exclusive online only on

Caravella del XV sec. What were the ships of the great discovery of the New World like? Tradition always speaks of three caravels, a sort of swift ship with a light hull, several masts and sorts of sails. Scholars advise that, in reality, Columbus fleet consisted of 2 caravels, Nina and Pinta, and of a “Nao”, Santa Maria, a sort of boat with 3 masts, 2 square sails and a lateen one, provided with a foredeck, that makes it rather belonging to the class of the carracks. However, the small sizes of Santa Maria must not deceive: the strong construction, together with the nautical knowledge of the time and with the perception of the great sailor allowed such a great enterprise. 1492, a historical date known all over the world.