New-Ray Sky Pilot Scout 4 Aeroplane Model Aviation Collectible

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New-Ray Sky Pilot Scout 4 Aeroplane Model 1:72 Scale Military Aircraft Model from New-Ray. Sky Pilot Range. Size: 10"x2.75"x8". Plastic Body. Stand Included. Buy Online on

About Scout 4 Aeroplane Model

A scout plane is type of surveillance aircraft, usually of single-engined, two/three seats, shipborne type, and used for the purpose of discovering an enemy position and directing artillery. Therefore, a scout plane is essentially a small naval aircraft, as distinguished from a tactical ground observation aircraft, a strategic reconnaissance "spyplane", or a large patrol flying boat.

Scout planes first made their appearances during World War I. Major naval powers, keen on developing the new medium of aerial warfare, converted a number of vessels as seaplane tenders for scouting purpose. Similarly, battleships began to mount short flight decks on top of gun turrets, enabling small fighter-type aircraft to take-off from them; these single-seater "scouts", having no floats to land on and having no landing decks to return to, either had to find dry land for landing, or else had to ditch onto the sea.