Qantas Australia Boeing 787 Airplane

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Qantas Australia Boeing 787 Airplane

High quality static display model replicas of the most popular commercial aircraft in the liveries of some of the leading Airlines today.

Highly detailed Resin scale models with authentic Airline livery and external detailing. Aircraft are only in flying mode with undercarriage retracted. Models come with a metal and wood-finish display stand.

BOEING 787 Dreamliner

The Boeing 787 Dreamliner is a long-haul, twin-engine jetliner. It is the first airliner to be constructed with an airframe primarily of composite materials.The 787 Dreamliner's distinguishing features include mostly electrical flight systems, raked wingtips, and noise-reducing chevrons on its engine nacelles. The 787 incorporates the latest cutting-edge features found in a commercial aircraft.

The aircraft has an overall length of 185ft, wingspan of 197ft and overall height of 56ft. To date over 625 planes have been built. In different configurations, the planes can accommodate between 250-290 passengers. With a range of 13,000km, they are one of the most popular long-range commercial aircraft today.

Full assembled aircraft packed in protective polystyrene boxes. Display stand to be attached.


Qantas Australia Boeing 787 Airplane

Scale: 1:135

Length: 42.5cm

Wingspan: 47cm