Maisto 1:24 Mercedes AMG GT

Posted by Srinivas Mothey on

Meet the 1:18 Mercedes AMG GT counterpart the 1:24 Mercedes Benz AMG GT. Its a highly detailed precision 1:24 die-cast scale model car from Maisto. Features a die-cast metal body coated with silver painting, the cars black roof makes it look slick and sophisticated. The hood and doors of the car open.


Maisto Mercedes AMG GT sports a wide wheel arches and lower bodywork like SLS however it doesn't have the gull wing doors. Large hood and slim wind screen sports a classy look. Has black coated side mirrors and body mostly looks like SLS AMG. 


The Maisto Mercedes AMG GT interior features a large center console and decorative elements in a leather and carbon polymer design. The trunk offers room for a medium-sized suitcase.

Under the hood

The Maisto Mercedes AMG GT has a front mid-engine, rear-wheel drive layout, with the engine inside the vehicle's wheelbase. It replicates the the space frame chassis and body of the real Mercedes AMG GT.




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