Maisto R/C Rock Crawler 3XL Vehicle

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Maisto Rock Crawler 3XL is the best selling Remote Control Toy Vehicle designed and launched by Maisto. Recently Maisto Rock Crawler 3XL has been nominated as the front runner finalist for 2016 Outdoor Toy of the Year. An amazing super sized rugged Radio Controlled Vehicle, the 3XL can climb some of the rough terrains.

A 4x4 Remote Control Vehicle that can eat boulders for breakfast. Maisto has designed it really well. The super sized remote control toy vehicle is 15 inches long, VAC body which is tough yet light, Has a front and rear articulated suspension, Four wheel drive RC toy, 2.4GHz radio control frequency where upto 8 players can connect and play simultaneously from a 50 meter range.

The Rock Crawler 3XL comes with a rapid electronic battery charger which can charge the battery in 45minutes. It has steering alignment adjustment. The RC vehicle uses a 6.4V Lithium Rechargeable Battery and Controller uses a 2AA battery. 3XL from Maisto is a great Off-road RC Vehicle for hobby collectors and brings great fun.

Watch the Maisto Rock Crawler 3XL in action in the video link:

You can buy this vehicle and get it home delivered:


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