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Shop 4WD off-road RC Cars and vehicles on Hobbytoys. Choose from a range of off-road RC cars like Rock Crawler 3XL, Rock Crawler, Rock Crawler Jr., Baja Beast, Sand Storm from leading off-road RC vehicle makers like Maisto Tech RC, Modelart, Silverlit and more.  Hobbyists take these off-roaders on their hiking trails or use them to race. Its lot of fun with these off-road radio controlled vehicles. Kids love these RC toys as they can be played rough and can go on non-smooth surfaces.

An off-road RC vehicle is considered to be any type of vehicle, which is capable of driving on and off, paved or gravel surface. It has large tires with deep, open treads, a flexible suspension, or even caterpillar tracks.

Off-road vehicles have a great RC Hobbyist enthusiast following because of their many uses and versatility. Several types of motorsports involve racing off-road vehicles. The three largest "4-wheel vehicle" off-road types of competitions are Rally, Desert Racing, and Rockcrawling. The most common use of these off-road toy vehicles is for sight seeing in areas distant from pavement. The use of higher clearance and higher traction vehicles enables access on trails and forest roads that have rough and low traction surfaces.

Shop for Electronic Toys, RC Cars, Remote Control Toys on Hobbytoys.co, India's exclusive Auto and RC Toy Store. Off Road Remote Control Cars drive through rough terrains, have 4 Wheel Drive, Articulated Suspension and Rigid. Find amazing Collection of Off Road RC Cars and RC Vehicles from Maisto Tech Rock Crawler, Rock Crawler Jr, Extreme Beas, Baja Beast, Truggy and Rock Crawler Extreme.

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