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Love flying Helicopters? Get close to flying a remote control helicopter. Hobbytoys presents a great range of remote controlled helicopters for you to choose from. From easy-to-fly remote control helicopters to advanced remote control toy models, you can find the perfect remote control helicopter based on your needs on Hobbytoys.

We match your requirements of a RC Helicopter like the power source, 3.5 or 4.5 channel, size and price before you buy a Remote Control helicopter of your requirement. Leading brands include Modelart, Maisto, Silverlit and more to find the best Remote Control (RC) helicopter. RC Helicopters come in micro, small, medium, and large remote control helicopters. Most of the Helicopters come as Ready to Fly (RTF) RC Helicopters. Flying toys or Helicopter hobbyists will enjoy our range of RC helicopters. You can even gift a RC Helicopter to a hobbyist or someone who has hobby to fly helicopters. Hobbytoys offers a wide range of remote control helicopters online at affordable prices.

Remote Control Helicopter Range

Remote Control Helicopters come in different variations. From two to six channel (and sometimes more) helicopters there are lot of models. Each channel represents functions of the helicopter. For instance, 2-channel RC helicopter comes with a fixed pitch and throttle and yaw channels; 3-channel RC helicopters come with an additional elevator channel and 4-channel RC helicopters come with an additional aileron channel. You’ll need to remember that the more channels that the helicopter has, the more challenging it is to operate. You can choose ready to fly RC helicopters. RC Helicopters unlike other toys are easy to learn and you need to decide the one to suit your requirements. Most RC Helicopters are suited to both in-door and out door flying. Hobbytoys team checks the quality of RC helicopters online before shipping them to you. 

Radio-controlled (R/C) Helicopter models are the fastest growing segment and has amazing range of 3.5 Channel and 4.5 Channel R/C range. They have a precision flight with both Indoor and Outdoor RC Helicopter models. Modelart Helicopters also have options like bluetooth, camera, bubble, fork-lift and other models. Modelart India has range of RC toys & products and is the best place online for hi-tech R/C.

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