Rock Crawler 4x4 Off-Road

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Rock Crawler is one of the most selling Off-Road RC Vehicle from Maisto Tech. These are 4WD action RC Vehicles. There are three models that come in Maisto Rock Crawler range which are Rock Crawler 3XL, Rock Crawler, Rock Crawler Jr. Shop Maisto R/C Rock Crawler Radio Controlled Vehicles online.

Rock Crawler 3XL

Rock Crawler 3XL is an over-sized R/C Off-road Rock Crawling vehicle. It measures 15" in length, light weight, tough VAC formed body, 4WD action vehicles, articulated front and rear suspensions and low gearing make these R/C Vehicles perfect for rugged terrain or surface. It comes with three motors (2 for driving, 1 for steering). 2.4GHz- up to 8 players can play simultaneously, has a 50 meter control range. Comes with a hobby level radio controller with proportional speed control, steering alignment adjustment and rapid electronic battery charger.

Rock Crawler

4x4, 4WD Rock Crawling R/C Off-road vehicle from Maisto Tech. Articulated front and rear suspensions and low gearing make these R/C vehicles perfect for rugged off-road action. Has a Tri-channel transmitter so that three people play simultaneously if they have their own Maisto R/C Cars.

Rock Crawler Jr

Maisto R/C Rock Crawler Jr is especially for young kids. Great rock crawler features in smaller size. Articulated front and rear suspensions.

All Maisto R/C Rock Crawler RC Off-road Vehicles are in mint condition, tested and carefully packed to ensure they reach your home safely. Hobbytoys also has videos and reviews which will give you more understanding about a R/C Vehicle before purchased.

Rock Crawling Hobby

Rock crawling is an extreme form of off road driving using vehicles anywhere from stock to highly modified to overcome obstacles. In rock crawling, drivers drive highly modified four-wheel-drive vehicles such as trucks, Jeeps, and "buggies" over very harsh terrain. Driving locations include boulders, mountain foothills, rock piles, mountain trails, etc.

Rock crawling is about slow-speed, careful and precise driving, and high torque generated through large gear reductions in the vehicles drivetrain. Rock crawlers often drive up, down and across obstacles that would appear impassable. Such vehicles to rock climb are primarily 4x4s.

Rock crawling competitions range from local events to national series. A rock crawling competition consists of obstacle courses that are about 100-200 yards long. Each obstacle is set up with gates, similar to a ski course.

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