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Diecast Collector Zone is India's first Diecast Zone and Hall of Fame for Auto Enthusiasts and Collectors of model cars. You will find amazing people who love cars and passionate about everything about Automotive. The section covers model cars collection by people who have taken the effort to collect diecast cars since their childhood or developed interest and started collecting model cars, photography of the models.
To recognize these amazing people Hobbytoys.co, India's Diecast Toys & Vehicles online store started this hall of fame diecast collection.

Diecast Collector #1: Jasper Dkhar

Words from him:
The following are photographs of a few scale models that I own. I have just entered the world of Diescast model cars and since then I am in a constant haste to cram my 6 x 4 glass cupboard with 1:18s.
I collect cars and SUVs and I prefer the premium models to the regulars. What I love to hunt the most, when I am looking for budget models, are models from Welly's stable. I hope you like the collection that I have made.


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