Brunte Kids Rideon Swing Car Magic car with LED wheels Green blue

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Brunte Swing Car for Kids

The Smooth and Strong Baby Swing Car which not only meant for your child but you too can be kid once again and ride it and make the bond of child & parent stronger. Keeping the safety in mind we have made this magic car tough and smooth with no sharp edges to make it a safer ride for your little one. So just prop your feet up on the footrests and turn the steering wheel to get moving on the twister car.

Get ready for endless hours of fun with the BRUNTE Swing car kids Ride On. The BRUNTE baby car rider for kids has trendy features. This baby car has bright colors and attractive features. This car toy car is a must-have for all the young car racing enthusiasts. Skill Development- This kids car helps your child to build fine & gross motor skills, sensory skills, competitiveness, understanding parts of vehicles, differentiating car types, social skills, sharing & cooperating. About BRUNTE- BRUNTE is a popular INDIAN Brand which offers an extensive range of Toys such as kids toys for boys car bike, baby car, cars for kids to drive, Baby care & Kids lifestyle products. This PANDA car is very popular swing car among kids. This is very strong panda car for your kid.

We create products keeping in mind your kids development and safety. Our products are 'ISI Quality Tested' and our toys are BIS certified. This means that our products are safe for babies & kids! We have served millions of happy parents & kids till date.Safety First – BIS Safety Certified to make the riding time safest for your child with BPA Free Plastic and designed for a smoother and safe ride with smooth corner finish.PU Wheels - PU Wheels for smooth ride. Swing car/ Twister can be used indoors too as it will not leave any mark on floors due to high quality PU Wheels.Musical with Lights for Pleasure Riding Experience Twister Magic Push Car. Shop 'BRUNTE' and be assured of getting the best quality for your little ones!

  • Premium Design: Features attractive designs and rich looks.
  • Made in India: Make in India product with Safety First – BIS Safety Certified to make the riding time safest for your child with BPA Free Plastic and designed for a smoother and safe ride with smooth corner finish .
  • Easy & Smooth Ride: These kids ride on wiggle car can be easily operated without batteries, gears or pedals. Just use twist, turn and wiggle movement to steer! If little ones have trouble pushing the car forward through the steering wheel, they can still use their feet to push the car forward to have fun. No need for batteries, pedals or motors. 
  • Safe & Stable Design :Three-wheel stable design and five-point support at the bottom prevent the baby from rolling over and leaning back. Collision-proof front design, give kids safety protection. smooth bearings and 360 degrees of free rotation give your baby a pleasant driving experience. Compression-resistant PP structure makes the wiggle car not easy to deform.
  • Large Seating space: Offers spacious seating space for kids to have a comfortable ride. 
  • Forward & Backward Movement: To move the swing car forward, keep the nose wheels facing towards the head of the car and to move backwards, rotate the steering wheel 180 so that the nose wheels are facing the tail of the car.
  • Use It Anywhere: All you need is a smooth, flat surface. Perfect for both outdoor and indoor playing. Great way to keep kids active and moving!
  • LED Wheels: LED wheels which give extra thrill to kids when they ride it specially in dark.
  • Butterfly Steering Wheels: The child can wiggle the butterfly steering wheel left and right to get the swing car moving. Simply stop wiggling the steering to slow down.

  • How Does It Work:
    To propel the Swing Car, rotate the steering wheel continuously from left to right. It also works in reverse! To zoom backwards, just switch the set of four front wheels around so that the larger ones are closest to the front of the car.
    To stop the Swing Car, just cease rotating the steering wheel and when the car slows down put your feet on the ground to bring it to a halt.

    Product Description:
    This swing car for kids features attractive designs in premium shapes and colors. Made with high-quality material and PU wheels to give a smooth riding experience. Enjoy a comfortable ride with the spacious seating space. This twist car keeps your child active and develops their balance and coordination skills during playtime. Perfect for both outdoor and indoor playing.